BrainyBuzz distribute its video catalog through its Roku SmartTV application. This educational channel has videos which are produced, partnered and promoted by BrainyBuzz LLC. This channel has informative videos about Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Music, Carnatic Music, Professional courses , Corporate training courses and many more. Though we strive to ensure high accuracy in our content, we are not liable for any damages caused by the information presented in these applications. We appreciate constructive criticism, and welcome your input to make these a great applications for prospective learners. Please feel free to send you comments to . All copyrights are with BrainyBuzz LLC.

Instructions to install our Roku application

1) You need to have Roku 2 or other new version
2) Get BrainyBuzz channel from Roku Channel Store -> Kids&Family section
2) Once registered, go to Go to your Roku -> settings -> update software
3) Boom ... you can access all our videos in your TV.