BrainyBuzz Content Partners

BrainyBuzz is committed for promoting Open education. Open education plants a seed of interest on education in prospective learners, and helps in establishing better society. In order to provide quality educational content to BrainyBuzz subscribers, BrainyBuzz had partnered with following content providers. BrainyBuzz LLC sincerely thanks following content providers for the partnering with BrainyBuzz and making their content available to BrainyBuzz subscribers.

James Sousa, Phoenix college math instructor, has created over 3500 video tutorials covering a wide range of mathematical concepts. His website offers over 3,500 video tutorials covering arithmetic through calculus and beyond. BrainyBuzz is excited to partner with James Sousa and distribute his valuable tutorials through various BrainyBuzz smart applications. BrainyBuzz and James have a long term vision of building SMARTedu apps on Mathematics by Simplifying, Smartifying and Gamifying mathematical concepts. was created by Christine and John Kline in order to provide beginners with piano and drawing lessons at no cost. After years of success in a traditional classroom, the Klines now hope to bring proper artistic methods, a yearning for artistic exploration and a love for the arts to anyone, anywhere. This vision is being carried out through real piano lessons, and drawing lessons, that are available for free online through KlineCreative. These lessons are available through video tutorials, making them as close to private instruction as possible. BrainyBuzz is excited to partner with KlineCreative and distribute their valuable tutorials through various BrainyBuzz smart applications.